APC Packaging joins Association of Plastic Recyclers on cosmetic containers

APC Packaging, a women-owned and speedily growing beauty packaging solutions supplier with attention on property and innovation is happy to announce our membership with the Association of Plastics Recyclers (APR).

APR is a global trade association representing the plastics cosmetic containers trade. Members of April ar shaping the long run of our trade by increasing provide, enhancing quality, increasing demand and communication the worth of recycled plastics.

APR and APC Packaging ar each centered on planning packaging which will be recycled into top quality post-consumer recycled cosmetic containers. we have a tendency to arrange to work along to assist educate and promote for the expansion and property of plastic employment through federal and state policy.

“By connexion April, APC Packaging ensures that we've a seat at the table wherever pointers and needs ar mentioned and determined”, states chief operating officer and founder, Lisa Lin.

The Association of Plastic Recyclers (APR) is that the Voice of Plastics employment. because the international trade association representing the plastics employment trade, membership includes freelance employment firms of all sizes, process various resins, also as shopper product firms, instrumentality makers, testing laboratories, organisations, et al. committed to the success of plastics employment.

APR advocates the employment of all plastics cosmetic containers.



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