The Rise of Refillable Cosmetic Packaging

These last 2 years marked a turning purpose within the urgency we have a tendency to felt toward the setting and private well-being. From extreme atmospheric condition to stay-at-home orders, we’re a lot of alert to what’s in our home. Property became prime of mind and a dominant speech topic for our team.

We started the OLIKA outside-the-box package style with a spotlight on type associated married it with an engineering science, nonetheless eco-friendly, moveable shopper expertise.

Our team knew there was a heightened specialize in hand care and particularly hand sanitizer as a “rescue class.” Predecessors within the house delivered a less-than-stellar expertise with boring plastic bottles, harsh chemicals, and wasteful packaging. We have a tendency to were ready to make a better-for-you expertise with a blank slate.

I designed our hand sanitizer forms as [durable, refillable] “forever bottles,” and developed the packaging with paper that uses a hybrid between a die-cut card and a carton for the secondary packaging, permitting it to square on the shelf whereas victimization the smallest material typically related to an easy card. To our information, no different care or cosmetic product uses an equivalent type and packaging as OLIKA.

By eliminating single-use plastic in packaging, the client expertise is amplified with the merchandise before it’s even purchased. The restricted use of packaging materials permits shoppers to expertise the hand sanitizer as if it wasn’t prepackaged in the least. OLIKA provides a shopper the correct expertise of the merchandise while not getting into the way—we encourage the patron to visualize, feel, and knowledge the merchandise even whereas it’s protected.

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How has package style modified within the previous couple of years?
We’re seeing the increase of the refill. Previously, the refill was associate afterthought or a secondary purchase. Currently, it’s changing into the particular product. With the changes over the years, I currently envision a world wherever nothing has to be thrown away. This point can return shortly as producers and makers are going to be command in charge of everything they place within the waste stream.

While customers could never live a zero-waste life style, what if brands were to blame for taking back all the waste materials from primary and secondary packaging? This isn’t a completely unique plan however one thing I’ve been considering.
Companies might then treat the packaging as raw material—the worst case, the whole recycles the fabric for the patron. And best case? The fabric is reused. Overall, the goal is nothing is thrown away.

How will the increase of sturdy, reusable packaging with refillable contents impact however you approach design?
Sustainability in product style is currently non-negotiable. I recently scan that there area unit five hundred times a lot of microplastics in our oceans than stars in our galaxy. thus, as product designers, we want to raise ourselves: area unit we have a tendency to a part of the problem?

The rise of sturdy, reusable packaging is each a challenge and a chance. For instance, however does one sell associate empty bottle? As product designers we’re to blame for creating it engaging enough to sell. however, we’re currently golf stroke a value on one thing that customers believed they were obtaining without charge|for complimentary|for gratis because the cost of the bottle was baked into the full product. But again, I’m inspired by the success of classes like refillable water bottles that makes ME hopeful to rework different classes like beauty, hygiene, and private care.

What style trends area unit you're seeing emerge going in 2022?
By 2025, our goal is zero waste however some trends to iterate embrace that forever bottles are going to be well-designed, tastily branded, and created for a one-time purchase. Consider what happened with plastic water bottles. An entire new market spread out with customers currently defrayment $40+ on a forever reusable bottle that they love.

I conjointly see packaging changing into the come shipper that removes the friction and permits customers to participate in property.



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