aipack Packaging takes focus on refillable cosmetic jars market

This year the company launched the J2V50 version refill jar, featuring a refillable goblet, as well as the option to manufacture it in recyclable and recycled materials.

A spokesperson told Packaging News: “Our J2V50F is a model that we developed 20 years ago which is the benchmark in the industry. We can now offer the J2V50 with refill option, giving it a whole new purpose and helping to protect the environment.”

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“At present, we find ourselves in a situation in which new markets demand a change concerning sustainable packaging solutions.,” said a company statement.

The Barcelona-based high-end luxury packaging firm said it is constantly innovating in the field of injection and blow-molding.

Throughout the pandemic, the company has been operating as normal – with demand high for its cosmetic, pharmaceutical and pharma laboratory segments.

Despite the pandemic, aipack Packaging said it has continued upgrading its machinery. “Important investments have been made in state-of-the-art machinery for more sustainable and lower consumption, both in injection with the acquisition of heavy-duty machinery to allow multi-cavity molds, as in decoration and assembly, with cutting edge machinery for quality control by using ultra-high-speed artificial vision cameras,” said a company statement.

The spokesperson added that business has been going well through the pandemic, as it hit forecasts and celebrated its 10th anniversary.

“The industry is changing, and that means, we also need to change and adapt. New de-signs mean new materials, new materials mean less contamination, less contamination means a better environment.”

aipack said it is looking to expand in the France market.

Additionally, it has been using 100% renewable energy in its two factories since 2020



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